We redefine service

Many companies advertise good service. We support our claim of great service with facts.

*Our products
We offer Europe’s largest selection of stainless steal yacht and boat accessories. We continuously have more than 29,000 items in stock and our product range is still growing.

Our delivery rate
A large selection is not the only important factor. In the age of lean production, a constant availability of products is no less important. Our storage system allows serving all customer requests directly and quickly – our on-time delivery rate is > 98%.

*Our product quality
Our customers appreciate the high quality of our products. We attain these high standards of quality through careful selection of our suppliers and constant monitoring from production through receipt in our warehouse.

Our reliability and experience

In addition to our high on-time delivery rate, our efficient operating procedures and extensive experience in the stainless steel product market for the maritime sector are a guarantee for our reliability. 
We particularly benefit from this experience when researching new products and evaluating and selecting new suppliers.

Our customers

Our customer base is diverse and includes shipyards, industry and trade. The requirements of our customers are as diverse as the industries they work in.

We face these requirements with the greatest possible flexibility. If we cannot immediately fulfill requests despite our extensive selection, we work out alternative solutions in collaboration with our customers or go looking for the perfect item.

How may we help you?